enhance the Human Connection With Patients & Improve Care Plan Adherence

Eighty percent (80%) of adverse patient health outcomes involve factors (social, economic, and behavioral) outside the traditional healthcare delivery system. Improve care quality by extending your practice beyond its walls without increasing your workload.

Why work with us

We assist medical providers in improving patient health and outcomes without increasing their workload. We help with annual wellness visits, chronic care management, remote patient monitoring, and transitional care management.


Improve your team and patient satisfaction by extending your services beyond your practice walls. You, too, can have happy nurses and administrative staff while your patients follow their treatment plans and receive the helping hand they need. The Well Living Initiative is the help you need.


Improve your medical team efficiency, increase patient satisfaction, and reduce the number of hospital readmissions by extending the time spent with patients without requiring more from your staff. Reduce stress on your team while improving patient communication and growing business revenue.

About Well Living Initiative

Medical providers are under increased pressure to improve patient health and outcomes. In addition, most providers find it challenging to create opportunities for each patient’s proactive wellness.

Our services and SaaS technologies assist providers with annual wellness visits, chronic care management, remote patient monitoring, and transitional care management services. We help doctors meet Medicare’s quality care requirements and directly interact with people to combat the social determinants of health that complicate overall care.

Across all service lines, the Well Living Initiative stands out as a more effective, targeted, and agile alternative to manual or EHR-driven counterparts. We afford our clients significantly broader flexibility and responsiveness. In addition, our team of solution developers and advocates enables significant client partnerships with physicians, staff, and patients toward improving health outcomes.

Our high-touch ethos has helped us win several distinguished awards and has attracted many clients nationwide.

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The Well Living Initiative suite of services improves care coordination, supports better care plan compliance, and minimizes the stress and financial strain associated with socioeconomic determinants of health. Our clients realize higher MIPS, MACRA, and value-based scores, improve patient connectivity, and fundamentally see better overall outcomes. These improvements come without hiring additional staff or the administrative tools needed to coordinate such a comprehensive patient engagement strategy internally. 


On average, only 24% of patients schedule annual wellness visits. We significantly improve participation rates by working directly with patients to collect their information and schedule appointments.


We provide regular, critical in-between-appointment support that patients need to stay on track with their care plan. We address patients' concerns and social determinants of health by finding needed resources.

Nurse Triage & Admin Support

With staff shortages reaching record levels in clinics and hospitals the ability to respond timely to patients and other providers is critical to improving patient outcomes and satisfaction.  


We reduce readmissions, improve health outcomes and secure savings with our post-discharge service designed to provide physician-led, coordinated care to patients transitioning to home care following a hospitalization.


We proactively monitor a patient’s  chronic issues and can head off issues before they become life threatening.

Benefits to your medical practice

Of Doctors
Address TIME Restrictions

Nearly all physicians (95%) surveyed said they don’t have time to address social and behavioral issues, such as loneliness or financial concerns, that could affect the health of their patients.

Of Patients
Get All the Facts Impacting Health

Two in five patients with multiple chronic conditions (44%) tell their doctor about their medical conditions, but not other issues they are facing that could affect their health, such as loneliness, financial issues and/or transportation issues.

Health outcomes
Address Social Determinants of Health

Eighty percent (80%) of health outcomes are related to factors outside the traditional realm of healthcare delivery, including social, economic, and behavioral.

Well Living Initiative (WLI) Supports Your Practice

The ultimate end goal is to improve the health and lives of your patients. The Well Living Initiative helps offload work from your staff and provides financial benefits to your practice without increasing your workload.

Opportunities to Increase Net Revenue

Increase the number patients that participate in Annual Wellness Visits and enroll in Chronic Care Management or Transitional Care Management programs.

Financial Navigation Programs

Financial Navigation Programs that decreases financial distress for the patient and increases financial stability for the provider.

Improve MIPS Scores

Offering WLI may provide you with increased profitability, improved patient care resulting in higher MIPS scores.

Streamline Office Visits

Appointments with WLI patients will run more efficiently and effectively as the physician will know of any patient concerns or issues prior to the start of the appointment.

What Clients & Patients Say

Prior to implementing Transitional Care Management our practice had a 10% readmission rate.  Today, thanks to your proactive management of these services our readmission rate has dropped to 2-3%.

Gail Administrator, Rappahonnick Family Practice

I haven’t eaten in 3 days, thank you for hooking me up with the Meals on Wheels program. It is great to see that my doctor cares about me and connected us together.

A Patient Dr. Campos

The patients love this service. Thanks to the caring Well Living team. You are awesome!

The Well Living Initiative is going much better than I expected, can we roll this out to non-Medicare beneficiaries?

Dr. David Filippi Neurology Practice


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